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Orthodontics / Teeth Straightening


This orthodontic treatment technique uses almost invisible aligners to straighten crooked or gappy teeth. These clear aligners are a great option for adults and teenagers who may feel embarrassed about wearing noticeable metal braces. As they have no brackets or wires, the aligners are comfortable and can be taken out for short periods, meaning you can keep your teeth clean and eat whatever you choose.

The Invisalign system uses 3D technology to take pictures and impressions of your teeth and record other information that enables a series of custom-made aligners to be produced. Each slightly different aligner is worn for around two weeks and gradually moves your teeth to a new position.

Please click here to read the Invisalign 'Frequently Asked Questions' brochure.

Invisalign consultations are £50 and will involve having photos taken.


1 arch £2500, 2 arches £3000


Quick Straight Teeth (QST)

QST consultations are £50 and will involve having photos taken.

QST Dentists only use 3M brackets. These have a proven track-record worldwide for their performance, beautiful aesthetics, and they are nearly invisible in the mouth. We also use tooth-coloured wires making our braces the most aesthetic when compared to similar systems.

QST is used to correct mild misalignment of the front 6 to 8 teeth, to give you a beautiful smile. Because we only move the front teeth, the force required is minimal. The wires exert mild pressure to move the teeth, without the need for severe tightening which can cause the discomfort noted in conventional orthodontic treatment.

Click here to find out more about QST


Quick Straight Teeth - £1800

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